About Us

About Keong Saik Bakery

Keong Saik Bakery was established in June 2017 by two friends, Tan Yuzhong and Ng Beng Soon (who has since left us in 2019). Our aim is to be a bakery that bridges contemporary styles & techniques with traditional & local flavours that invoke a hint of nostalgia. Being on Keong Saik Road provided us with the opportunity to marry the history of the street, namely the Majies, with the concept of our bakery.

Our signature pastry, Sor Hei, was thus born as a tribute to the Majies of Keong Saik Road. Sor Hei, cantonese for 梳起, means combing up and is symbolic of the Majie's Sor Hei ceremony where they comb up their hair and take a vow of celibacy. Our Sor Hei pastry is thus shaped like a hair bun.

Other than your standard bakery fare such as croissants and loaves, you will also find that many of our bakes incorporate local flavours not usually found in cakes and pastries. Being locally trained, Yuzhong has always been inspired by Asian flavours and nostalgic favourites of his childhood. Past flavours include Purple Milk (inspired by Pulut Hitam) and Gula Jawa Sticky Rice Cake, while crowd favourites include Chendol Delight, Attap Chee Rose Cheesecake (inspired by Attap Chee Potong Ice Cream), Milo Cruffin & Otak Otak Danish.

It has been quite a journey since we started at 41 Keong Saik Road, with many blunders and difficulties along the way. Despite these, you have continued to support and encouraged us, which allowed us to be where we are today.
We promise to continue striving and growing and hope you will continue to enjoy our bakes for years to come.